Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2003

Cover Story: 

What You Don't Know About the FTC's Case Against CMS May Hurt You Part 1
  by Christine Harland Williams

Industry News Update


Is Your Buyer Aware Enough to Buy?
  by Bette Price, GMC

Avoid These Six Common Selling Blunders
  by Bill Cole, MS, MA

In The Trenches: 

Certifying Agents & Rating Processors
  by Steven Pavent


New Year, New Deals
  by Phil Britt


The Highway to Your Destiny
  by Chris Widener

ISO Strategies: 

What's The Quality of Your Revenues?
  by Harold Montgomery

Fraud Prevention: 

Fraud Update

ISO Tools: 

MasterCard Rules Governing ISOs

Business Communications: 

Learn How Manners Make Money and Politeness Produced Profits
  by Craig Harrison

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