The Highway to Your Destiny

by Chris Widener

   Destiny. What a powerful word. Your destiny is the dream that lies within you of your desired and preferred future. And the things that we choose each day are what lead us to that destiny: Our actions, our words, our attitudes, and our relationships. Here are some thoughts on how to get on the highway to your destiny:

The Mental Question

   Do you believe that you can achieve a life of abundance? Many people simply do not believe that they can achieve what lies in their heart.
   Perhaps the greatest obstacle we face on the journey to our destiny is that we must first believe we can achieve it, or we face our own continual self-sabotage. Here is the truth: it doesn't matter how intelligent you are, what your current resources are, what you currently earn or what family you came from. Your current state may make it a longer or harder journey than someone else's, but the possibility is always there. And that is the message we need to continually tell ourselves. I can do it.

Clear Vision

   Here are some questions to determine whether or not your vision is clear. Can you describe it in intricate detail? Can you see it, feel it, hear it?
   Here is an example: Your company. Can you see the large building you are in? Can you see the workers? Can you feel the positive attitude they have as they carry out their work? Can you experience the excitement as you get the quarterly results?
   This is where it begins. A clear vision. Consider your resources. Are you aware of the resources you will need and how you will go about getting them? What are your natural gifts and talents? How can you best utilize them? What is your current level of resources? What will be your needed future level of resources? And do you have a plan to get there?
   The last thing I would encourage you to do is fix a target date. This enables you to begin to work backwards in setting goals to move you along the way, providing you with future points to strive for and evaluation point to reflect upon. Your destiny awaits you � get on the highway to your future today! You deserve it!