Volume 1, Issue 1, February 2001

Cover Story

Dotcom or Dotbomb: Remember the Internet?

Risk Management

Avoid a Lawsuit
by John Sours

Slam the Door on
Interview Discrimination

by Sheri Rosenthal


Add Value to Your Offering
by Harold Montgomery


Consultative Selling: The Approach
by Jim Pratt

Sales Prospecting Made Easy
by Wayne Damron

Sales Stories From the Field
by Steve Ward and Brian Sullivan

Business Practices

Unraveling the Mysteries of Small
Company Retirement Plans

by Tom Van Hazebroeck

Hiring and Training

Why Hiring Will Make or Break
Your Company

by David Crockett

Training as a Basis for
Sales Excellence

by Wain Swapp


The Drive for the
Multi-Application Environment

by Michelle Graff

The Continuing Evolution
of Check Conversion: Part I

by Mike English


Avoid Adversarial Relationships
by Gerard I. Nierenberg

Sales Tips

The Elevator Speech
by Craig Harrison

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