Why Hiring Will
 Make or Break
 Your Company!

   The strategy, solution and results of hiring are essential for continued overall viability. The results of your hiring practices today may determine your company�s success well into the year 2006 � or, engage in mediocre hiring practices and your company may not even be around in the year 2006. Because the team with the most talent (bright people, right fit, most experience) comes out on top.
   When you recruit, hire and retain the best, you�re able to anticipate market changes and you will have a work force that is involved in continuous change improvement initiatives. Your company will have the people it needs to make the necessary adjustments required to remain or attain the top positions.

Some Basic Hiring Principles
  1. Only the best deal well with rapid change.

  2. You can�t afford turnover.

  3. You can�t do everything yourself.

  4. Identify what you really need in a position:
    1. how the job fits into the organization
    2. the role of the position
    3. technical and functional skills needed to be successful on the job

  5. Remember your goal is to attract, hire and keep the best people.

   Over the next few months I will outline how to hire and keep the best employees. I will mention ways to examine your hiring and managing practices to effectively find and retain bright people, enthusiastic people, energetic people, the best people- all ready to work, have fun and excel at their jobs.

David K. Crockett is President and CEO of Atlanta-based HRM Group, a consultancy firm specializing in change management, executive/management recruitment and management and workforce development. Contact Mr. Crockett at 678.432.1207 or [email protected].


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