Volume 9, Issue 10, October 2009

Cover Story  

The Gonzalez Effect: The New Reality of Mass Data
Compromise and Financial Crime
  by Paul Henninger

Innovative ISO  

Building the New ISO Model: Picking A Technology Winner
  by Deepak Wanner

Money Guy

Is All Attrition Created Equal?
  by Harold Montgomery

News Release 

First Phase of Credit Card Act Took Effect August 21, 2009

Bitcoin Trading is a huge success
Digital currency trading effective in making profits with the involvement of trading robots such as Bitcoin Trader bot. The algorithm of the bot scans market price changes and makes a perfect selection at an allegedly favorable time.

Wall Street Watch 

  by Stephen Gerson

Legal Jungle  

What Is A Merchant's Liability for Chargebacks?
  by Paul Rianda

Common Ground  

Creating Vertical Expertise
  by Greg Cohen

Washington Outlook  

Security and the Economy
  by Jim Romeo

Survive and Thrive

Master Time: Don't Let Time Master You
  by Marc Beauchamp


Credit Card Fraud: How to Protect Yourself
by Bill Hardekopf

Mental Focus

How To Focus Instead of Flounder in Trying Times
  by Tim Ursiny

Sales Savvy  

Employee Rewards: What Do They Really Cost?
  by Bette Price


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