Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2004

Cover Story: 

First Data's Challenge to Visa
  by Lisa Dowling


The Vital Link Between Identity Theft and The Economy
  by Heather Randall

Common Ground: 

Increasing Profitability in Your Portfolio
  by Gregory C. Cohen


Industry News


Why Care?
  by Bette Price

Spotlight Company: 

Retriever Payment Systems

The Legal Jungle: 

A Comparison of BIN and Agent Relationships
  by Paul A. Rianda

Your Product Bag: 

The Product That Sells Itself
  by Ken Sturm

Customer Service: 

Try Service! It Works!
  by Harold Montgomery

Management Tips: 

Tips For Fast, Smart Managers
  by Mark Breier


Have No Fear of Public Speaking
  by Joe Takash

Survive and Thrive: 

Value Beats Price Every Time
  by Marc Beauchamp

From The Analysts: 

Prepaid Market Opportunities
  by Tim Sloane

Sales Success: 

The Art of Self-Leadership in Business
  by Bill Cole


The Amazing Mr. Ripple
  by Craig Harrison

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