Management Tips

by Mark Breier

  • Cancel all 2004 Meetings!
    Follow IBM's lead and cancel all recurring meetings! Leave time only for 1-on-1's with your boss for coaching and mentoring. Make any new recurring meetings be approved by top management.
    - New York Times story about IBM�CEO Samuel J.
    Palmisano and IBM�sales force.
  • Get a New Browser
    Switch to a browser which will download all the pages you regularly view and make them instantly available -- cited as the "biggest fundamental improvement in the Web browser in years" by the Wall Street Journal. Try Netcaptor for PCs and Safari for the Mac.
    - Walt Mossberg in The Wall Street Journal, full article.
  • Show "Fierce Resolve"
    The best leaders are "self-effacing with fierce resolve" and show time-tested values of humility, patience and perseverance.
    - Jim Collins, author of Good to Great
  • Fight Like a Firefighter
    The world is changing too fast for rigid leadership. Fight like a fire-fighter: embrace uncertainty, gather all data quickly and make the best decision. Then prepare to change again quickly.
    - Warren Bennis, Harvard Professor, and University of Michigan
    psychologist Karl E. Weick.
  • And Laugh Often
    "Laugh as much as you can. Keep in mind that it's OK to laugh, even when times are tough. Make jokes out of bad times. Toxic worry almost always entails a loss of perspective; humor almost always restores it."
    - Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.: Worry: Controlling it and
    Using It Wisely