Volume 3, Issue 7, July 2003

Cover Story: 

Analyzing The Wal-Mart Suit Settlement

Industry Trends: 

The Price Wars: Part II
  by Lisa Dowling


Industry News Update

The Industry Talks Back: 

Rolling Back Consumer Choice
  by Ken Guenther

What Does The Visa/MasterCard Offline Debit Settlement Mean For ISOs?
  by Harold Montgomery

April Showers for Visa and MC
  by Mark A. Cunningham

Management Tips: 

Tips For Fast, Smart Managers
  by Mark Breier


Build Rapport To Sell Better
  by Bill Cole, MS, MA

How To Close a Million Dollar Deal In 2 Sales Calls
  by Pat Gardner

Online Solutions: 

Selling e-Commerce To Mom and Pops
  by Bruce Frymire

ISO Opportunities: 

Merchants Are Entering a New Phase Of Point-of-Sale Management Challenges
  by Brian Green


Fraud Update

Sales Management: 

Be a Coach
  by Bette Price, CMC

Human Resources: 

Finders' Keepers: The Secret To Finding And Keeping The Best Employees
  by Craig Harrison

Business Management: 

4 Keys To Instilling Innovations & Creativity In Your Organization
  by James Feldman

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