Management Tips
Tips for Fast, Smart Managers

by Mark Breier

Co-workers are a better resource than the internet

   A University of Washington study has found that individuals are more likely to seek information from other people than to search the internet or intranet. The implication is that businesses should foster company interaction via offsite retreats, group training seminars, and helping employees connect via hobbies and common interests.
   - Findings from Professor Raya Fidel, reported in the New York Times

"Less is more" in business presentations

   Author Jerry Weissman finds that fewer slides and fewer words make for better presentations. And he wants you to think about WIIFY ("What's In It For You") from the audience perspective at all times and avoid MEGO ("Mine Eyes Glaze Over") from too much information.
   - From "Presenting To Win" book review in the San Jose Mercury News

You can Save Internet Pages for later viewing

   Though internet pages are usually dynamic with changing pricing, news, and feature items, you can take a "snapshot" of a web page and save for later viewing in Internet Outlook. Use File, Save As, and choose "web archive" and "mht" suffix.

Sign up for a "Do Not Call" list

   The FTC plans to start a national Do Not Call list in July ( In CA, you can pre-register now at ( Will take effect in October.)

Spring Riddle

   I'm more powerful than God, more evil than the devil, rich people want me, poor people have me, and if you eat me, you die. Who am I? (nothing)