Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2003

Cover Story: 

TW's 1st Annual Movers and Shakers Awards
Past, Present and Future
  by Lisa Dowling


Industry News Update

Online Bill Payment: 

Filling The Revenue Gap Created By The VISA/Mastercard Settlement
  by Richard Crone

Acquiring Minds: 

Common Ground
  by Ed Freedman


Paying With A Wave
  by Mohammad Khan


Merchant Ownership Debunked
  by Holli Targan

Technology Case Study: 

Integrated Web-Based Merchant Acquiring System Speeds Processes, Increases Customer Satisfaction
  by Safwan Shah

In The Trenches: 

Is Competition Killing Our Business?
  by Steven Pavent

Sales Management: 

Avoid The Sales Lead Trap
  by Bette Price, CMC

Fraud Prevention: 

Fraud Update


Connect Better To Sell Better
  by Bill Cole, MS, MA

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