Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2002

  • Cover Story: 
          Charge It! A Historical Overview of the Bankcard Industry
          by Phil Britt
  • Legal: 
          Setting Up Your Own Shop: Starting An ISO
          by Holli Hart Targan
  • From The Analysts: 
          Sales Compensation; What Difference Does A Few Years Make?
          by Charles Marc Abbey and Barry Davis
  • Business Operations: 
          What To Look For In A Merchant Processor
          by Henry Harp
  • Business Operations Sidebar: 
          What An ISO Should Consider When Selecting A Merchant Processor
  • Inspiration:  
          Lessons From a Big Leaguer on Living Like a Champion
          by Henry Harp
  • Salesmanship: 
          The Role of Trust in Sales
          by Cindy Ventrice
  • Technology: 
          Get Smart!; Smart Cards Are Finally Emerging In US Markets
          by Phil Britt
  • Marketing: 
          New Customer Acquisition: A New Angle On Prospecting
          by Frank F. Lunn
  • Communications: 
          �And Your Name Is...?�; The Finer Points of Business Etiquette
          by Jacqueline Farrington
  • Communications Side Bar: 
          Tips For Remembering Names
  • Ethics: 
          by Gerard Nierenberg
  • Sales Tips: 
          Getting Past Gatekeepers When Calling On Decision Makers: Don�t Get Left At The Gate
          by Craig Harrison

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