Volume 1, Issue 9, October 2001

  • Cover Story: 
    What's Up With Debit?
    by Theresa Koenke and Kevin Smith
  • Cover Story Sidebar: 
    PIN-Secured (Online) vs. Signature-Authorized
       (Offline) Debit Transactions
  • From the Analysts: 
    PIN Debit Acceptance
    by Lee Modesitt
  • Legal: 
    The New NACHA Rules and Regulation E: How Will They Affect Your
       ISO Business?
    by Bill Wade
  • Lifestyle: 
    Active Rest
  • Quality Control: 
    How Managers Can Reduce Errors
    by Gerard I. Nierenberg
  • Risk Managient: 
    Chargebacks: Best Practice
    by Linda Ford
  • Risk Managient: 
    ISO ABCs: Keys to Making Money
    by Phil Britt
  • Salesmanship: 
    The Top Six Ways to Stay Motivated
    by Chris Widener
  • Sales Leadership: 
    Plan to Win: Understanding the Link between Leading and Planning
       by Jim Pratt
  • Sales Stories from the Field: 
    A Fee's Name
  • Sales Tips: 
    Your "Kitchen" Cabinet: The Power of Informal Focus Groups
       by Craig Harrison
  • Technology: 
    Implienting New Payment Types: Next Killer App or Road Kill?
       by Steven W. Klebe
  • Training: 
    10-Second Tips
    by Mark Breier
  • Training: 
    The Cycle of Successful Accountability
    by Frank Lunn

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