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“How To Survive and Thrive in The Merchant Services Industry” – is Published

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(Houston, TX) – The long awaited industry sales book has been published. “How to Survive and Thrive in The Merchant Services Industry” it is the brain child of author’s Marc Beauchamp and William Graham. With over 20 years of combined experience in the bankcard industry and after working with multiple ISO’s and financial institutions, the authors realized that there never had been an industry guidebook for field sales people. They have created a book that covers everything from basic industry information to traditional sales techniques and the new sales strategies that will help every sales professional survive and thrive in the merchant services industry!

This is a great tool for new people in the industry as well as veteran bankcard sales people. Discover trends in product development and new hot trends in the industry. Review the sales process from start to finish and learn how to become a “Merchant Focused Salesperson.” This book is full of helpful tips on sales, time management, goal setting and numerous exercises to help you sharpen your sales skills.

Along with their helpful insights into the Financial Services arena they have also compiled interviews from some the industry’s great minds including: Bob Carr, Mary Dees, Lee Ladd, Gil Gillis, Paul Martaus and yours truly, Cynthia Dorrill.

There are also sections on Internet web resources, helpful sales tools, industry glossary and most commonly used acronyms.

“We felt there was a significant gap in the skill level of the merchant services salesperson. Other industries, such as telecommunications, computer services, financial investment products, loan origination and real estate, offer in-depth training and industry information for their salespeople” states Beauchamp.

This is a must read for anyone working in the financial services industry.

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