Volume 5, Issue 4, April 2005

Cover Story: 

BEWARE of the Perfect Match
  by Lisa Dowling


Industry News Update


Privacy and Security are not the Same
  by Heather Randall

Your Product Bag: 

Direct Deposit Payroll Debit Cards
  by Ken Sturm

Survive and Thrive: 

It�s A Jungle Out There!
  by Marc Beauchamp

The Money Guy: 

What�s Your Exit Strategy?
  by Harold Montgomery

Fraud : 

Fraud update


Ensuring PCI Compliance with an Integrated Compliance Solution
  by Chris Mark


How Much Freer Can You Get?
  by Bill Gager

What If?: 

What if�s�that became Actually Occurred�s
  by Paul F.P. Coenen

Common Ground: 

2005: The Integrated Back-Office System
  by Greg Cohen

The Legal Jungle: 

What Constitutes Fraud?
  by Paul Rianda

In The Trenches: 

Favorite Quotes
  by Steven Pavent

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