Volume 4, Issue 12, December 2004

Cover Story: 

2004: A Year In Review
  by Lisa Dowling


Industry News Update

Industry Evolution: 

Script vs. ATM. What's In
  by Dennis Ehling

The Legal Jungle: 

The "Myth" Of Merchant Ownership
  by Paul Rianda

Your Product Bag: 

Making The Sale With Loyalty Cards
  by Ken Sturm

Common Ground: 

How The Movers Shake
  by Gregory Cohen

In The Trenches: 

The Art Of Negotiation
  by Steven Pavent

Fraud Prevention: 

Fraud Update


Preserving The Integrity of Critical Files
  by Heather Randall

Survive and Thrive: 

What's Your Vision For 2005?
  by Marc Beauchamp

The Money Guy: 

The Most Exciting Article You Will Ever Read!
  by Harold Montgomery

What If?: 

You Got What You Asked for, for Christmas?
  by Paul Coenen

Sales Success: 

Do You Need Some Humor In Your Sales Pitches? Part 2.
  Bill Cole


A Time Of Reflection To G.R.O.W.
  by Bette Price

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