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Coach Yourself To A Higher Level Of Achievement With These 30 Questions
by Bill Cole

   Do you have the mental focus and discipline required to achieve at the highest levels? Are you mentally tough enough to break through the achievement barriers that will inevitably arise in your path? Do you have the self-coaching skill set that all top achievers possess? That is the way to reach your full achievement potential.
   By asking yourself critical, targeted questions throughout your day, you can coach yourself to greatness. You can help yourself maintain a laser mental focus, sweep distractions aside and reach your goals faster than ever before. Here�s how.
   Every 15-30 minutes or so, ask yourself at least one question from this list. Take a moment to reflect on it, answer it honestly and then act on your answer.

  • Am I operating strategically or tactically right now?
  • Am I properly delaying immediate gratification?
  • Is there a way to delegate this task?
  • Is there a better way to do this task?
  • Am I having fun and enjoying the process?
  • In what ways am I blocking myself from being more productive?
  • Am I flexibly shifting my focus from macro items to micro items?
  • Am I going down blind alleys?
  • Do I have command of the clock moment to moment?
  • How aware am I of my stress levels?
  • Am I taking a mental and physical break every 30 minutes?
  • Am I saying �No� more often to create better boundaries?
  • How well am I executing?
  • Am I trying to do too much all at once?
  • Am I straining or flowing?
  • Am I rewarding myself after successful activities to create a boost of adrenaline?
  • Am I using a �Parking Lot� file to write down any random, yet important ideas during the day, so they don�t get lost or sidetrack me?
  • Am I continually asking myself, �Is this getting me closer to my goals?�
  • Am I working at the level of excellence that makes me proud?
  • Am I challenging myself to my utmost?
  • Can I have a contest with myself to see how much can I get accomplished in the next 20 minutes?
  • Can I visualize a previous successful achievement mind set, and then step into that once again?
  • Am I increasing my motivation to accomplish this task by claiming bragging rights once it�s done with excellence?
  • Can I make a bet with a friend to see who will finish a task first and best?
  • Is what I am doing right now vital to my strategic vision?
  • Is what I am doing right now keeping me on track or taking me off track?
  • Am I accurately gauging how much time this task will take?
  • What sort of payoff will this task give me?
  • Is this task a time-filler?
  • How will accomplishing this task have bearing on my life in the next week? Month? Year?

   Super-achievers don�t try to act like superman or superwoman. They�re just people who think strategically and act with tactical precision and awareness. They execute superbly. A bold vision and great ideas will take you nowhere if your execution is sub-optimal.
   Even the grandest task must be accomplished step by step. My favorite �traction quote� is, �Mile by mile it�s a trial, yard by yard it�s hard, but inch by inch it�s a cinch�. Find what inspires you to achieve greatness, be aware of yourself every moment and coach yourself to reach more of your potential.