Survive and Thrive
To Giving a Great Sales Presentation

by Marc Beauchamp

   "The path to success is to take massive, determined action."
   - Anthony Robbins

   One of the most important stages in any sale is giving the sales presentation. This is your chance to make a positive impact on your merchant's buying strategy.

Key #1: Be Enthusiastic

   Enthusiasm comes from having a genuine passion for what you do. Without enthusiasm yours is just another sales story, the kind that merchants forget the minute you walk out the door.
   Think about it, have you given your business to the person that genuinely wanted to help you? People have a sixth sense; no amount of enthusiasm will work if you don't believe in your products and services. This is the one quality that will lift your presentation above your competitions.

Key #2: Be Prepared

   Know your presentation from beginning to end. Videotape and record it and look for any flaws, gaps or missing information. Role-play with an experienced agent or manager in your office. Scout competitors and keep notes after every sales call. Analyze what went right and what went wrong. Always look for ways to improve your presentation skills.
   Don't forget to tune into your customers radio station WIIFM and answer this question for them. WIIFM = What's in it for ME?

Key #3: Create a Powerful Opening Introduction

   The introduction is the first opportunity after establishing rapport to really impact your merchant.
   The opening introduction should be an attention grabber that demonstrates the major benefits being offered. The intro may also be used to prevent a common objection before it is raised. Here is a sample introduction that has worked well for me in the past.

Low Pressure Introduction

   Mr. Merchant I'd like to start by thanking you for your time, I know it's valuable. The first thing I think you should know about our company is that we don't use any high-pressure sales tactics, tricks or gimmicks to get you to do business with us. Often old-fashioned sales methods cause unwanted pressure on you and quite frankly on me. And a lot of times it turns into an adversarial relationship. So I just want to begin by saying, "relax", I'm here to create a win-win relationship for both of us and to establish an atmosphere where you can buy with confidence, without being pressured.
   Try several different variations and see what works best for you. Make your introduction personal, if you have 15 years in retail business or a unique background emphasize it and explain how that will benefit the merchant.
   Memorize your introduction it's got to be fluid and smooth.

Key #4: Use Vivid Words

   Paint a clear and vivid picture; don't forget roughly 60% of all people are visual.
   Design a presentation book that can be referred to while speaking. Use colorful graphics, charts and articles to highlight major selling points. This method works well; it ensures you're staying on track and hitting all their hot buttons.
   Use Power Words. According to Yale University the twelve most persuasive words in the English language are:

  • Easy
  • Results
  • Save
  • Discover
  • Guarantee
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Love
  • Money
  • Need
  • Proven
  • You
Key #5: Tell Stories To Make Points Clear

   There are three reasons why successful salespeople use stories in their presentations:

  • People enjoy stories. A good story is entertaining, informative and instructive.
  • Stories put the imagination to work. Stories allow the merchant to engage their own way of thinking.
  • Stories can be used anywhere in the presentation. A good story can get your presentation back on track, emphasize a strong point, strengthen rapport, or be used as a closing tool.

   The best stories are the ones that illustrate the benefits that other merchants have received from using your specific equipment or service.

Key #6 KISS � Keep it Short and Simple

   Small business owners and corporate managers have limited time. Make sure you let them know that you appreciate the time given you and that it will be used wisely.
   Remember new business owners know very little about transaction processing so speak in simple straightforward terms. Don't use industry jargon that will confuse and frustrate them.
   Use these 6 keys in every presentation and you are on the way to success!