Volume 3, Issue 9, September 2003

Cover Story: 

Programs, Partners and Perks: It Pays To Know What Is Being Done To Motivate ISOs And Why
  by Christine Harland Williams


Industry News Update

Wireless Update: 

Merchants Score Extra Points When They Take Payments On Their Customers' Turf
  by Marc Shultz

Acquiring Minds: 

Risky Business
  by Ed Freeman

Business Operations: 

Sell, Rent or Lease?
  by Paul A. Rianda, Esq.

Online Fraud: 

Protecting Against Fraud At Your Client's PC-Based Site
  by Robert Imhoff-Dousharm

Financial Reporting: 

Can You Trust The Numbers?
  by Stephen E. Roulac


Merchant Portfolio Litigation Risk Management
  by Mark A. Cunningham

Public Relations: 

How To Get The Media To Notice Your Business
  by Pam Lontos


Putting Your Intuition To Work
  by Brian Tracy

In The Trenches: 

The Necessary Evils of Growth
  by Steven Pavent

Sales/Sales Management: 

Fast Birds Don't Fly Far
  by Bette Price, CMC

The Attitude Bell Curve And Mental Toughness As Business Tools
  by Bill Cole, MS, MA and Rick Seaman, MBA


Fraud Update

Customer Service: 

Relationship Management Middle Eastern Style
  by Craig Harrison

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