Sales Haiku!

Poetry (not Prose) for Pros
by Craig Harrison

   Sometimes sales is like poetry. This month it's like Japanese poetry known as Haiku. Haikus are short poems known for their evocative nature and brevity. Haikus are three line poems where the first and third lines contain five syllables each, and the second line consists of seven syllables. To the left are sales Haikus to inspire and humor you.

As an ISO
Currency security's
what it's all about.

It's the art of persuasion.
We're always closing.

Prospect day and night
Ask great questions and listen
Can you fill their need?

Checks, cash and charges
We help others to transact
with efficiency!

Cold calls - every day.
Rain or shine we make our calls
It's a numbers game!

Acronyms abound:
ISOs and ATMs,
Beware IOUs!

When they first say "No"
Don't take it personally.
Instead, persevere.

My competition:
Same products, and same low price...
Service is my edge.

In Sales today
Phone tag is often the norm
Learn to love voice mail!

Full of industry wisdom
To increase our sales.

Gatekeepers abound...
Whither decision makers
To make my sales pitch.

Global currency
Means your money is good here.
Thanks for your business!

Dollars or Lira
Pounds, Pesos, Francs & Deutschmarks
Yen and Rubles too!

Here comes the mailman
More wisdom for me!

Craig Harrison says:
"Sales and Service for all
means repeat business!"