Customer Service

by Craig Harrison

   Test your customer service knowledge and learn how to be a service ace by picking the correct answer to each of these 10 questions.

1.  A complaining customer is:

  1.   Always right
  2.   Almost right
  3.   Often lying
  4.   Always the customer

2.  Customers who complain:

  1.   Had unhappy childhoods
  2.   Are genetically predisposed to be sourpusses
  3.   Have trouble in their primary relationships
  4.   Are doing you a service in identifying what isn't working in your business or organization

3.  The best reward for your customer service representatives is:

  1.   Earplugs and punching bags
  2.   Valium or other mind-numbing drugs
  3.   Recognition and appreciation on your part
  4.   Anger management seminars

4.  CRM stands for:

  1.   Customers Rarely Matter
  2.   Can't Remember Much
  3.   Communicating Random Meaning
  4.   Customers Rudimentarily Managed
  5.   Customer Relationship Management

5.  Customers who complain want . . .

  1.   Something for nothing
  2.   To be heard and have their experience validated
  3.   To vent for the sport of it
  4.   To be made majority shareholders in the company

6.  Customer Service departments:

  1.   Are the afterthought that cleans up messes other departments cause
  2.   Build customer loyalty
  3.   Are leaders in understanding customer behavior patterns and market research

7.  For a company to be considered service-oriented:

  1.   It must mention customer service in its mission statement
  2.   At least 18.3% of its employees must work in the customer service department
  3.   Its managers must at one time have been CSRs
  4.   Customer service must be addressed by all departments

8.  A Call Center is defined as:

  1.   The midpoint in duration of a telephone call
  2.   A revenue sink hole
  3.   A place where middle-of-the-road calls coexist with liberal and arch-conservative calls
  4.   A location where complaints and problems are converted into successful saves for your customers and your company

9.  Customer Care is:

  1.   A managed care medical program for customers
  2.   A nifty alliterative phrase that looks good in company brochures
  3.   A new program where customers care for themselves
  4.   A philosophy wherein the customer is wrapped in service even before a problem arises

10.  Customer Service Culture is:

  1.   A new form of yogurt where the lid removes itself for you
  2.   Behavior being analyzed in a Petrie dish for contagions
  3.   A mythical civilization in which everyone smiles and welcomes you when they meet
  4.   An environment where customer service permeates the thinking of the entire company