Business Management
2003 GOT

Taking it to the Next Level
by Marc Beauchamp

   We are coming to the close of another year. This is a perfect time to review past performance and plan for the new year. After all, if you don't know where you're going, how are you going to get there?
   We will address your business goals in this article, but while you're at it why not review all aspects of your life and see where improvement is needed or a new strategy is appropriate. Areas you may want to consider are financial, health, personal, relationships and spiritual. Remember what a famous philosopher once said "If the WHY is strong enough, you can bear any HOW." Your goals and dreams for the next year are the juice that will keep you motivated and continuing to perform at your highest levels.
   Ask yourself the following questions to help gain clarity on your business progress and what corrections may be necessary. Take your time with each question, and consider your answers carefully.

  • What are your financial goals for next year?
  • What improvements in your business do you want to make?
  • What are the biggest challenges you will face next year?
  • How will you address these challenges?
  • What new innovations in your industry will affect you?
  • What new products should you research?
  • What are the most significant business opportunities over the next 1-3 years?
  • Where is the industry going and how does affect you?
  • How is your team working together?
  • How can you improve their performance?
  • What issues in your business keep you up at night?
  • How can you overcome these issues?
  • What have you learned this year?
  • What could you have done better?
  • What skills do you need to sharpen?
  • What enhancements can your company make to improve your bottom line?
  • What will you commit to in order to make yourself better and those around you better?

   Your answers hold the key to the future and provide a compass for your business direction. The stumbling block in many of our lives is that we know what we must do in order to achieve success, but fail to act. Massive action is the key to that opens the door to success. Your goals must give you the inspiration to take the actions necessary to achieve the end result. Remember what Napoleon Hill said, "There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to possess it." According to a study done by several well-known doctors � goals are more likely to improve performance when three conditions are met.

The Goal must be SPECIFIC.

   Defining a goal as doing the best you can is as bad as having no goal at all. You need to be specific about what you are going to do and by when you are going to do it.


   You will work harder for tough but realistic goals than for easy goals that pose no challenge or impossible goals that can never be attained.


   Approach Goals are positive experiences that you seek directly, Avoidance Goals are unpleasant experiences that you hope to avoid. People who frame their goals in Approach terms have much better results in accomplishing their goals.Here is an acronym that helps me. Make sure you create SMART Goals:
SpecificIdentify exactly what you want
MeasurableQuantify your outcome: how much, how big, what size, etc. �when will you know you accomplished your goal
ActionPlan the work - Work the plan
RealisticThe goal is within your realm of possibility
TimeWhen will the goal be accomplished
   Keep your goals by your desk or posted on your mirror and review them daily. Make sure you leverage enough internal pain to not achieving your goals and pleasure to reaching your goals.
   If you would like to delve deeper into life planning please download a free copy of my life design workshop at It will guide you through the process of creating a legacy statement, discovering your core values, construct a mission statement, goal setting, developing your personal statement and creating a positive daily routine.
   Remember life is not a dress rehearsal! Create powerful, inspiring goals that will take your business to the next level!