A Leaders
Action Ag


by Jim Pratt

Great leadership plays a role in every corporate success story. Whether you consider Microsoft or Levi Strauss, dynamic sales leadership is a common factor in their achievement. But what makes a sales team outstanding?

   Let's start by picturing our goals. Effective sales leadership today has four primary purposes:
   1. To define and continuously reinforce a shared corporate vision. Having a common rallying cry ensures that everyone is working to the same end. Your vision might focus on market share growth, customer service or upgrading your clientele.
   2. To institute change and empowerment at all levels. Accomplishing our goals means allowing � and encouraging � those in our organization who are closest to the market to make crucial decisions. Customer service can�t be improved, for instance, if every special request must be sent to a supervisor. Empowering our associates at the point-of-sale is a major tool for differentiating ourselves.
   3. To create an organization that is so exciting and respected in the industry that people are knocking on your door to participate in the adventure that is happening there. Success attracts achievers � and greater opportunity � to itself. Market leaders in that way continue to strengthen their positions.
   4. To provi