Volume 2, Issue 6, June 2002

Cover Story: 

Wireless POS
  by Jim Poulson

News Bits

Industry Update: 

What's Up With PayPal?
  by Phil Britt

Fraud Prevention: 

Fraud Is Here To Stay

Risk Management: 

Becoming a CSP
  by Julie Fergerson


IP: The Evolution Of Transaction Delivery
  by Anees Munshi

Industry Update: 

NACHA Update

Business Communications: 

Savvy Speaking
  by Huda Baak

Make Your Phone Work For You
  by Jacqueline Farrington

Personnel Risk Management: 

Can You Sell Under Pressure?
  by Bill Cole, MS, MA

Human Resources: 

Best Practices For Employee Achievement Programs
  by Mary Griffin

Merchant Relaionships: 

Merchant Relationship Management
  by Barry Davis

Seasonal Sales: 

Summertime Opportunities

Customer Service: 

Customer Relationships: Improve Customer Rapport With Improv
  by Craig Harrison

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