Business Communications
10 Second Tips

by Mark Breiers

The Keys to Wealth

   Identify fire-sale opportunities in turbulent times. Use "disciplined opportunism" to buy talent and technology for little money. (Yoram Wind, quoted in Fast Company)

Be Lean, in Good or Bad Times

   Leaders in today's difficult business environment, like Southwest Airlines, were lean even in good times. (Kevin Krone, VP Interactive Marketing, Southwest Airlines, quoted in Red Herring)

Good Times are Coming!

   There is a bigger tidal wave coming in business than we have ever seen before, and everybody has a chance of riding this big wave. (Kunitake Ando, COO, Sony, quoted in Red Herring).

Post a Customer Survey on Your Company's Website?

   And then email it to your customers. This captures feedback from unhappy customers and institutionalizes a feedback process. (Rick Buckingham, author of Customer Once, Client Forever).

Cut Your Lunch Sandwiches Diagonally

   For better tasting lunch sandwiches, cut them diagonally (don't have any data on this, but my kids and I agree!).