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Learn How Mental Toughness
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by Bill Cole

   CAN YOU PLAY AT THE TOP OF YOUR SELLING GAME ON DEMAND? How do you handle the rigors of the high stress selling environment? How do you bounce back from continual rejection and adversity?
   Tiger Woods dominates the pro golf tour seemingly at will. Pete Sampras wins the most Grand Slams in tennis history. How do these sports superstars perform at consistently high levels so often?
   Mental toughness is the answer to all these questions. That�s the ability to thrive on stress and to perform in the upper ranges of your potential, on demand, when you need it most�under pressure. Top pro athletes and selling superstars have mental toughness. As a sales professional, you are the pro athlete of the business world. To be successful is to be mentally tough. The salespeople who continually perform to their potential know what it takes to build and maintain a strong mental game. The secret? It all begins in your mind.
   We�re going to learn how the sports superstars achieve mental toughness � so you can use it in your selling.
   Here are five attitudes that you, as a mentally tough selling athlete, need to have about yourself and the sales game. Reflect on these views. Believe them. Burn them into your brain. Use them to build your mental toughness.

1. You Don�t Hope For An Easy Life; You Strive To Be A Strong Person.

   Top athletes seek the rigors of competition and thrive on seeing how they rise to the occasion. Selling superstars seek challenging opportunities and realize the selling business is not for the faint-of-heart. Continually seek challenges which help you grow personally and professionally.

2. You Love The Craziness Of The Pro Selling Business.

   Top athletes love competition. It�s what they live for. Selling superstars accept the often ambiguous and unpredictable nature of business and learn to adapt, to be flexible and to overcome the inevitable curves thrown at them. You can flow like a mentally tough athlete handling every roadblock imaginable with poise and mastery.

3. You View "Selling Slumps" As Opportunities For Growth.

   Any athlete who ever lived has had to deal with slumps. Star athletes get over them fast. Selling superstars view these as a normal part of a sales professional�s life. Examine the "slump" or plateau, learn from it and use it to go to the next level. Be careful how you define a slump so you don�t create one when one isn�t there.

4. You View "Tough Customers" As Being Your Best Teachers.

   The best athletes learn the most when they lose. They take a lesson from the opponent and come back even stronger. Selling superstars reframe tough customers as partners in co-creating a valuable learning experience. The more difficult your customer, the greater the victory in winning them over and the more you improve your influencing skills.

5. You View Mistakes As Part Of The Game.

   Athletes make mistakes every time they compete. They have a system to maintain their confidence and immediately refocus on the task at hand. When you make an error, you breathe, relax, smile or joke, recover and maintain poise and balance. Devise contingency plans to handle any problem.
   Sports superstars master their minds. They only allow thoughts that make them mentally tough. They choose how they perceive stressful situations. They are victors, not victims.
   Use these mental game secrets of sports stars and take your selling game to the next level. I wish you great success. Remember, it all begins in your mind.