Ten Questio
Yourself W

ns To Ask
hen Networking

by Huda Baak

1. What Is My Intention/Goal For Attending This Function?

   Are you there to prospect, socialize or sell your product? Depending on your desired outcome, youíre likely going to use a different approach and different tactics.

2. Is My Cell Phone Or Pager Off Or Muted?

   The last thing you want is to be buzzing when youíre in the middle of a conversation with a prospective client. If you absolutely canít live without your cell phone, then put it on vibrate mode and excuse yourself before answering it.

3. How Many New People Did I Meet Today?

   Some people find it helpful to have a set goal ahead of time. For example, I want to meet 5 new people and then Iíll socialize with the people I already know.

4. How Many Meaningful Conversations Did I Engage?

   As with any networking event, itís not quantity but the quality of people you meet that will be most beneficial to your career. If you donít take a few minutes to get to know the person youíre speaking to, why do you think theyíd be interested in working with you?

5. How Many Business Cards Did I Give Out And Collect?

   Iím sure you can think of someone who rushes to introduce himself to a potential client, as he pushes one or more business cards into the hands of the prospect. We all have a pretty good idea where those cards will end up, right?

6. Did I Meet And Introduce Myself To The Hosts?

   Who is putting on this event? Is it a chamber of commerce function, or a business thatís conducting an open house? Find out who is hosting the event and introduce yourself to them before you leave.

7. Are My Business Cards Updated With The Correct Information?

   Your business cards are your mini advertisements. Itís the one thing people will walk away with. Make sure they are clean, not bent and have your updated contact information. No handwritten corrections!

8. Did I Provide Referrals, Or Introduce Others?

   Remember, youíre there to network, not to just get leads. Itís often in the giving and introducing people to one another that you end up looking great and people will want to work with you!

9. Did I Bring Something To Jot Down Notes For Follow-Ups?

   Although you never write on the Ďfaceí of a business card, itís perfectly okay to write on the back of the personís cardÖ after youíve ended your conversation. Itís a great idea to jot down notes as to when you will contact him or an address youíll be sending something to as a reminder.

10. Did I Follow-Up Within 3 Days?

   Because you hit it off at the function doesnít necessarily mean that person will remember you 2 weeks later. You increase your chances of getting that appointment when you follow-up with in a couple of days. Not only will you appear very professional, but also that youíre genuinely interested in fostering that relationship.

   Good luck networking!