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by Mark Breier

Look For EQ, Not IQ

   Evaluate potential executives on 3 attributes: raw IQ, history of management success and EQ (emotional intelligence, or your ability to deal with yours and others� emotions). And, if you can only have two, skip the IQ!

� Research by Daniel Goleman and Egon Zehnder International, executive search firm

Step Up During A Recession

   In sailing, races are won at night and in light wind. Likewise, in a recession, businesses should make their most aggressive changes to pursue victory in their categories.

� Tom Knighton, Consultant at Forum Corp., quoted in Fortune Magazine

Assign Managers To Groups Of Customers

   One key business trend is to assign top managers to groups of customers, rather than to product lines, to better achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Stanford Business School Magazine

End With Your Best Slide

   Many presenters finish visual presentations and then take audience questions in front of a dark screen. Instead, put your best slide at the end and leave it up!