Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2002

Cover Story: 

Enlighten Your Merchants About MATCH
  by Phil Britt

Retail Concerns: 

Consumers and the Economy: Which Way Will They Turn
  by Deborah Alessandro


Whats Next On The Wireless Horizon
  by Kevin Hickey

Open Platforms
  by Michael English

Get Ready For The Multi-App Generation
  by Michelle Graf


Do You Have Your Black Belt In Selling?
  by Bill Cole

Motivating Your Sales Force
  by Alice Winkler

From Wipeouts To Winners
  by Bette Price

Fraud Prevention: 

Debit: Online Vs. Offline Fraud: Which Is The Greater Threat?
  by Phil Britt

From The Analysts: 

Merchant Type Deals
  by Jennifer Kane

Business Communications: 

Do You Hear What I Hear?
  by Jacqueline Farrington


The Rights Of Employers And Sales Agents
  by Holli Hart Tartgan, Esq.

Risk Management: 

Positive Identification At The Point-Of-Sale
  by George E. Devitt

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