Evaluate You
Skills - with

r Negotiating
 a Detailed

by Gerard I. Nierenberg       

A Checklist for Evaluating Your Selling and Buying Negotiating Skills
  1. Are you aware of when your negotiation starts?
  2. Do you know the issues to be negotiated?
  3. Do you make an effort to create a negotiating climate?
  4. Do you listen actively?
  5. Do you feel that you can change a person's attitude in relation to yourself?
  6. Do you use questions and allow a sufficient time for them to be answered?
  7. Do you try to use many alternatives in negotiating?
  8. Do you recapitulate for greater comprehension and understanding?
  9. Do you make an effort to overcome semantic difficulties or technical language?
  10. Do you know the risks of disclosure and when and how to use disclosure?
  11. Are you separating fact-finding from negotiating?
  12. Are you avoiding creating limits too quickly?
  13. Do you know how to use concessions for effective sales negotiating?

A master negotiator would answer the above questions positively.

Key Points

   Sales negotiations are not fairy tales with a happy ending. Indeed, successful sales seldom have happy endings. They are the beginning of a process that is good for a lifetime.
   Many other evaluations will be presented to help you integrate these into your negotiating "personality" as you proceed:

  • Know what you need to know to be heard.
  • Stop using gobbledygook.
  • Questions have many functions - use them wisely.
  • Learn to put yourself in the other's shoes.

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