the Crucial

by Gerard I. Nierenberg       

A knowledge of negotiation will bring you your greatest rewards. Therefore, review these 6 important elements in the negotiating process.

  1. Understand that negotiation is a process. It's a changing process and the master negotiator must always be alert to changes. Remember that negotiation occurs whenever two people meet with the intention of changing their relationship.

  2. Take advantage of the fact that during a negotiating process, you will receive feedback (changes in the process) and be able to deal with it and move forward. You can and will make your future happen.

  3. Recognize the fact that negotiation is a cooperative process, and you can bring about more permanent results when everyone cooperates to achieve those results. This can be accomplished by understanding the difference among win-or-lose, win-and-win, and Everybody Wins®. In Everybody Wins®, you take into account the conclusion that will allow more permanent results.

  4. Prepare alternatives. Alternative creative thinking is always available and improves negotiation performance.

  5. Know yourself and others. Understanding conceptions and misconceptions of human nature are essential skills. Avoid rigid, commonly accepted views of other cultures, societies, or individuals.

  6. Prepare for the negotiation.
    1. Work to understand the mutuality of the subject matter.
    2. Know the objectives.
    3. Know the issues.
    4. Know the positions.
    5. Develop the team; understand its composition and individual requirements.
    6. Select a site for the negotiation carefully. It can help create the type of climate you need. The site should be determined after reviewing all considerations involved in the negotiation.
    7. Review, wherever possible, the previous negotiating results involving the parties.
    8. Prepare your choices of openings and closings. Be certain you have your closing position in which you ask for what you want, need, or desire.

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