Build Long-
Business Rel

And Make Sure


Everybody Wins!

by Gerard I. Nierenberg       

Take it a step farther.

   Using a computer program to prepare for negotiating offers some important advantages. The interactive nature of the process lets you learn faster and more effectively. You can concentrate on the information you need for the negotiation itself and you do not need to be concerned with creating or working with a structure for laying out your plan.
   The computer works with you and keeps you focused, moving forward in the direction you want to go and keeping track of important information so that no detail is overlooked. You can be as candid as you like, because the computer will not judge your opinions or your level of skill. There's no need to worry about sharing your ideas or comments with an unappreciative audience. All-important details of the preparation will be processed and can be printed out for you and your team to use for practice and for reference during the negotiating session. Later on, you can use part or all of your plan to guide you in other situations. You've got an automated negotiating "coach" to work with whenever you need help.

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