Volume 1, Issue 6, July 2001

Cover Story

Are ATMs the New Plastic?
by Noah Wieder


The 10 Most Common Sales Errors
by Jim Pratt

Change Your Approach, Raise Your Income
by Ron Tunick

Business Practices

To 83(b) or Not to 83(b), That is the Question
by Tom Van Hazebroeck

Business Planning

Getting Into the Business
by Phil Britt

From the Analyst

What the Middle Markey Merchant Really Knows
by Sarah Phelps


The Importance of iployee Retention
by Ed Schmitt

The Art of Salary Negotiation
by MRI


Gift Cards: A Growing Market Opportunity
by Ray Clopton

Hungry for More Business? Quick Serve Restaurant Industry Dishes Up Opportunity
by Michelle Graff

Risk Managient

Get on the Inside Track of Commercial Collections
by Joey Martin

Time Managient

10-Second Tips
by Mark Breier

Sales Tips

Overruling Objections When Courting Customers
by Craig Harrison


How to Improve Your Critical Judgient
by Gerard I. Nierenberg

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