Time Management



 10-Second Tips

by Mark Breier

Focus on the customer

   Take care of your customers. Don�t worry about stockholders or employees. If you take care of customers, everything else will fall into place (Lee Iacocca - Fast Company Magazine interview).

Act Fast

   Rather than debate a new company product or service, just build a prototype! �It�s a hell of a lot easier to just build something than to try to convince somebody who doesn�t believe it�s possible� (Paul Baran, Internet architect, in Wired Magazine).

Manage Smart

   If you�re put in charge of a new group, focus on what�s right, not what�s wrong. Along the way, you�ll find out what�s going wrong and fix that (Meg Whitman, eBay CEO, in Fast Company Magazine).

Build Teams

   Use �paired introductions� to speed intimacy in work groups. Teams of two interview each other for 10-15 minutes and then, as a group, everyone introduces their new partner.

Budget Fun

   At Capital One, a �fun budget� of $80/employee per quarter is spent on activities such as white-water rafting. (Fortune Magazine).

Promote a Secure Workplace

   Meet with your employees and ask them to share their concerns and develop solutions about security in the workplace. You will gain good ideas and ease employee fears.

Travel Lightly

   Travel on airplanes with nothing, except paper and pen. You will not only board faster, but the idle time will force creativity, introspection and new conversations.

Rally the Company Around a Charitable Cause

   Companies can build employee goodwill via a company commitment to local and world causes. Consider blood drives, canned food donations and working at telethons or soup kitchens.

Mark Breier is an Internet expert who has led two major e-commerce companies. Breier served as president and CEO of Beyond.com. As VP of Marketing at Amazon.com, Breier helped develop radio ads, launched innovative promotions and participated in the company�s explosive growth. Today, he advises and invests in Internet start-ups. [email protected].

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